Our history

The Vero Volley Consortium was officially created on 9 September 2008, in response to the need for a support structure for the individual volleyball clubs in the area. The Consortium’s aim is to devise organisational strategies designed to satisfy the community’s need to engage in physical activity and socialise via the medium of sport, with particular focus on young people.

The current members of the Consortium are: Pro Victoria Pallavolo, Volley Milano, Pallavolo Avis Cernusco, Pallavolo Rondò Muggiò, Polisportiva Di Nova and U.S.D. Viscontini Volley.

Vero Volley positions itself as a point of reference, sup- port and assistance for the participating clubs, in order to facilitate the realisation of common and individual club objectives. This is done through a common educa- tional approach, but one that nonetheless respects the idiosyncrasies typical of all Consortiums.

Vero Volley is regulated by a statute that sets out the obligations and requirements of its members, clearly de- fines the autonomous powers of the individual clubs and formalises the relevant institutional bodies.

The intensification of training and refresher activities for the members of the Consortium and the consolidation of Vero Volley’s relations with the world of research have led to the introduction of a new article in the statute for- ming the Scientific Committee. Created with the aim of raising awareness and promoting the benefits of high- quality sporting competition, this body coordinates re- search and development projects with universities and oversees the Consortium’s activity in regard to institutio- nal values and statutory aims.

In 2012, the Consortium – in collaboration with the Pro Victoria Pallavolo club – signed a four-year agreement with the Monza Town Council for the management of the municipal sports arena. As well as representing further recognition of the quality of the work carried out in the local area by Vero Volley and its members, the agreement is also a huge opportunity for the sport of volleyball and will strengthen the sporting future of the region where the Consortium and its member clubs operate.


To provide young boys and girls a sporting education, to enrich their development and give a significant boost to their abilities as human beings and sportspeople, in the belief that practising sport engages young people on all levels.

In this context, the gymnasium becomes a place where values important to personal development are passed on, where it becomes easy to teach respect for ru- les, dedication, loyalty, honesty in relationships. It be- comes a place to enjoy spending time with others for any sporting occasion, to put one’s physical abilities to the test and work alongside others toward a com- mon objective, thus promoting healthy competition.